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Differences between Kamikaze and WhiteRussian


https://dev.openwrt.org/roadmap describes the different goals of WR and Kamikaze:


OpenWrt 1.0 (codename WhiteRussian)


* support for BCM47xx/53xx based boards with Linux kernel 2.4

* optional web-based administration interface (included by default)


OpenWrt 2.0 (codename Kamikaze)


* support more devices:

* AR7 based routers

* Atheros AR531x/231x based routers

* MikroTik RouterBoard 5xx

* Netgear WGT634U (2.4/2.6)

* x86 based boards (2.4/2.6):

* MikroTik RouterBoard 230

* OpenBrick

* PCengines WRAP

* Soekris net4801

* use an opensource switch driver for ADMTEK Switch and ROBO Switch

* swith to b44 ethernet driver by default for BCM47xx/53xx based routers


Structural differences in the firmware include:

  • No NVRAM
  • 2.6 Kernel
  • Could a devel add some more here?

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