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Page history last edited by Robert Kingly 13 years, 11 months ago

Welcome to the Kamikaze OpenWrt Wiki!


Since the Main_OpenWrt_Wiki is primarily oriented towards WhiteRussian users, this wiki was started to help Kamikaze users.


I got an email from PBwiki. Read it here: PBWikiEmail.


Low cost hardware from Compex? CompexEmail.


Webif^2 is starting to work with kamikaze and the WGT634U see http://xwrt.berlios.de/forum/index.php/topic,52.0.html for instructions to compile webif^2 with current development kamikaze. There is only limited functionality and there are still a lot of NVRAM errors, but it will work. As far as I can tell you do need to use the openwrt dev kamikaze to get the 2.6 kernel and to work with WGT634U.




To edit this (or any other) page, use the password "kamikaze". For formatting tips, see http://yummy.pbwiki.com/WikiStyle


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