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Package for WGT I2C



In your OpenWrt buildroot, there's a package directory. In there, mkdir wgti2c or something similar. Within that, mkdir src. These directions are for Kamikaze 7.09 and Linux 2.6.22 .


Three files:


  • Makefile goes in wgti2c or whatever you called it.
  • i2c-bcm5365-1.c goes in the src subfolder, RENAMED TO i2c-bcm5365.c.
  • Makefile-1. also goes into the src subfolder, RENAMED to Makefile.


Now in the OpenWrt top directory, make menuconfig, and under Kernel Packages --> Other you should find kmod-wgti2c.


If you want to make a resume, then once you exit menuconfig, just:


make package/wgti2c-{prepare,compile} . That will copy the necessary files to the build directory and build them. You must have built the kernel already, so running this after a fresh svn co ... won't work (I tried). But it took my 400MHz Pentium II only overnight to build it so it shouldn't take your 3.8GHz AMD Opteron FX-74 with 4GB RAM, 8x250GB 10k RPM Raptors in Raid 0, 26" 2560x1600 LCD, and wired ball mouse very long at all to compile.


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