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This is for AP mode. For client mode, follow ClientModeHowto or ClientMode_(Managed_Mode)_with_WPA-Supplicant.


Wireless, by default, isn't on, or working. Follow these steps to set it up:


  • If you don't have madwifi installed in your image (ipkg list_installed | grep madwifi) then you have to install it.


ipkg install kmod-madwifi


ipkg install kmod-madwifi-old (thanks J4k3!)


  • To set up wireless settings, create a new file /etc/init.d/S21wifisettings (alternatively, you could include the following lines in your /etc/init.d/S20madwifi):




wlanconfig ath0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode ap

iwconfig ath0 essid "OpenWrt"

## At this place, you can also make other settings like channel, wep, key etc.

ifup ath0


# OL: for some reason I have to ifup ath0 before running iwconfig in order to set the channel etc.


  • chmod +x /etc/init.d/S21wifisettings


  • [gregor@hoffleit.de: Is this step necessary? I don't think so.] Also, edit /etc/modules.d/20-madwifi:



ath_pci autocreate=ap


  • Now run it. The wireless light on the WGT should start flashing.


  • Make sure that ath0 is included in lan_ifnames in your /etc/config/network:


lan_ifnames="vlan0 ath0"


  • Now


ifup lan


  • Enjoy.

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