How to Get Kamikaze


You can, and should, get a Linux box and "svn co". make menuconfig; make; and a few hours later, bam! You've got yourself some fresh, home-brewed Kamikaze images. , by the way, is the main OpenWrt development center.


If you're too lazy, you can use my images: (or - directly). Not guaranteed to work, in fact, for some users, they don't. But, they're there.


Update: I have been asked repeatedly NOT to publish those images. They're not very usable (out of the box), and users will incorrectly assume that just flashing it will work. They then come to #openwrt and the forums, complaining about my images. To avoid more bricked WGT's and complaining users, I'm forced to stop distributing them. I'll keep the packages up; for me, and other Kamikaze users. Hope the devels dont mind. But the images are no longer available to the public. Sorry, you'll have to find your own Linux box. (Or work on the CompilingUnderCygwin HowTo. That's what I did before I got my Linux server up.




OK, so you CAN use my images. Just use them responsibly, make sure you have a serial console, make sure you know how to exit vi. - email me for access; my email's on that page.


However, you should know: a few changes that I've made on my images:



- Flyashi